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        Mianyang dry dragon technology co., LTD. Was established2005Years,Is a professional research and development、Production、Sales of military sensor of high and new technology enterprise。Over the years the company has always strictly according to the military standard quality management system for management and operation。2015In companies“Small and mid-sized enterprises”The title。2017Received“Civil-military integration enterprise”The title。

My company independent research and development of sensor series products,Including inductive sensors、Hall sensor、Digital pressure transmitter、Counter、Holding pressure display and etc。The inductive and hall sensor、Counter with wide voltage(10-36V)、Mechanical shock resistance ability(>50G)、Waterproof、The electromagnetic shocks、Temperature tolerance range can reach-45℃~+85℃Features;Digital pressure transmitter with shock70G、The pressure measuring accuracy±0.3%F.S、Working temperature range-45℃~+85℃、Small volume、Easy installation、High precision、Simple to use,Can be used with hand-held digital display pressure device。

My company's products in strict accordance with the military standard for design and development、Manufacturing、The test,Have the advantage of industry leading technology,Can be widely used in weapon、Airlines、Space、Industrial automation、Military electronics and other fields。

With professional technical advantages and reliable product quality,Our company has been in……

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